6 of the best travel-friendly cameras to take on holiday

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The best travel-friendly cameras to take on holiday

Whether you’re into adventure holidays or city breaks, these cameras will take your travel photography to the next level

There’s nothing like a holiday to help you unwind – and encourage you to take as many photos as humanly possible. Having the right digital camera for your needs is important, so here’s what to bear in mind

Firstly, know your priorities. If you plan to enjoy sporting or wildlife action, you’ll need a good zoom. Hiking or climbing will require something more bulletproof, while waterproof qualities are vital for those likely to hang out on a beach.

Whatever your holiday ambitions, a slender camera’s ideal, taking up little suitcase/rucksack space and, of course, quality is a consideration, too.

Budding wildlife photographers, for example, will demand a high megapixel count for transforming their digital shots into larger, physical prints. But if it’s for your under-tens, they’ll be perfectly happy with a camera that’s simple and fun to use.

Finally, those who plan to shoot interiors – perhaps a museum – or deep underwater should choose a camera with a bright lens. Lens brightness is indicated by something called the ‘f-number’, and the lower the better. An f/1.8 is splendid; f/3.6 is average. With all that in mind, here’s our pick of the best six cameras, for wherever your travels take you…

The best digital camera to buy with a small budget

NIKON COOLPIX W100 £139.99

This affordable camera is perfect for winter breaks in the Emirates or Canaries with potential for underwater photography, thanks to its 10m waterproofing capacity. Crystal-clear waters are matched by the crystal-clear lens that shoots up to 13.2 megapixels. It’s also rather sociable thanks to its ‘SnapBridge’ feature that can link up to Facebook and Twitter in seconds. You can also film full high-definition video with stereo sound.

The best digital camera to buy for kids


A cute kids’ camera (aimed at 3-9 year olds) in blue or pink, this features a front and back two megapixel camera to make those all-important selfies that bit easier, large handles for easy gripping, and two optical viewfinders that allow binocular vision. Youngsters can also play around with photo effects and, if that doesn’t grab their attention, there are five games to choose from on the 2.4in LCD screen.

The best digital camera for shooting from a distance


This camera’s unique selling point is its 40x zoom lens. That’s significantly greater ‘zooming’ than its contemporaries, which is great news for shooting objects from far away, like sports and wildlife photography. This telescopic achievement is ticked off despite its slimline construction. Its LCD screen is sharp and bright, while the 20.3 megapixel quality is impressive for a camera of this size.

The best digital camera for taking quality images

FUJIFILM X100T from £849 (refurbished)  

If you’re a serious photographer but want a compact you can easily slip in your bag, this beautifully designed, retro-style Fuji is the answer. Favoured by the pros, it offers a 35mm field of view, the perfect medium-wide lens to capture dramatic landscapes through to wide group shots. Handy wireless transfer, a 16.3-megapixel and APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor complete the picture. This camera is no longer being made, but it’s still available second-hand and reconditioned.

The best digital camera for wildlife photography


If your winter break takes in the Serengeti, this could be the one for you. This near-indestructible camera is ideal for strapping to an object (a tree perhaps), and includes a camera trap to capture wildlife in its natural habitat. A 0.6sec trigger speed ensures you won’t miss that magical moment with the multi-image mode offering one to three images per trigger. It offers 12 megapixels and you also have the choice of 720p HD video with audio record.

The best digital camera for durability


Legend has it that only cockroaches, scorpions and the TG-5 would survive a nuclear war. Hyperbole, perhaps, but this is one tough camera that would survive a 2.1m drop, the impact of 100kg weight on it and temperatures as low as -10°C. Its feature list is impressive, too, with a useful ‘bright/fast’ f/2 lens for low-light photography, plus an anti-fog filter for chilly, early morning shoots.

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